Sub-Contracting Licensure

ASUL is a licensed contracting firm in both Arizona and California allowing it to act as a Sub-Contractor for specific jobs. With our focus on steel and welding, we are well positioned to perform the shell erection and many finish elements.


Shell Erection

ASUL has worked as a Sub-Contractor to General Contractors to erect the shell of the structure. We have also worked with Owners acting as Owner/Builders for the same function. The shell erection includes all work up to the following:

  • Final special weld inspection
  • Floor sheathing inspection ready for finish
  • Roof sheathing inspection ready for slope (if not inherent) and finish
  • Deck framing ready for finish and railing
  • Awning framing ready for enclosed soffit or open finish
  • Exterior wall sheathing inspection ready for windows, doors, and waterproofing
  • Interior wall framing ready for rough-in

At times, ASUL has managed the MEP Sub-Contractors through the passing of the rough-in inspection. 


Material Finishes

While ASUL has installed almost all material finishes throughout our existence, we have recently limited our work to steel and welding. Many welded steel finishes include the following:

  • Deck railings
  • Retaining walls
  • Gutters and scuppers
  • Floating shelves, mantels and benches
  • Window boxes and trim