Affordable + Predictable Process

Affordable + Predictable Process

Affordability and Predictability are the result of:

  1. Controlling the production
  2. Repeating the process

Production Control

By using a field-welded connection, instead of the industry standard bolt-together connection, the fabrication shop is removed from the process allowing ASUL to self-perform the production and erection of the steel frame. 

        By controlling the production and erection of the steel, ASUL maintains control of the cost. This allows ASUL to place a fixed-price on the elements of the ASUL System. Unlike most hard bids occurring after engineering, ASUL’s fixed-pricing can be calculated with simple dimensions…significantly before engineering occurs and even before Schematic Design is completed.

        The cost of each ASUL element is based on the chart to the left. The transparency and fixed nature of the costs ensure predictability.

        As mentioned, these dimensions are solely to provide a price on something. Sizes are based on the design making the system entirely customizable. 

          Process Repetition

          An added benefit of erecting the structure, is the increased knowledge gained through repetition. This knowledge allows ASUL to continuously refine and improve the system which yields greater efficiency with improved outcomes. 

          The byproduct of this effort is a more affordable and predictable product.