Collaborative + Customizable Product

Collaborative + Customizable Product


The challenge of allowing customization while maintaining affordability and predictability has proven elusive within the housing industry. The only way in which affordability and predictability can be maintained is through the creation of a system that yields repetition and efficiency. By their nature, however, systems typically thwart customization.

Thus, the question pursued by ASUL was how to create a design/construction system that allowed, not inhibited, customization of the product while the process remains affordable and predictable. 

The ASUL System is a field-welded moment frame. The system consists of elements that define a home:

  • Rooms – these are four steel columns with a framed roof assembly.
  • Floors – these are the floor assemblies for elevated floors and not required if slab-on-grade.
  • Decks – these are interior or exterior cantilevered decks/floors. 
  • Awnings – these are interior or exterior cantilevered awnings/roofs.

Although the ASUL System is based on pre-defined dimensional elements indicated on the left, this is only for pricing purposes.

The ASUL System is engineered to the design meaning it is entirely customizable.

Any element of the design that could be customizable is excluded from the ASUL System allowing the home to be entirely custom. These elements include the following:

  • Design – the shape, size, ceiling heights, roof pitch, and floorplans are customizable.
  • Systems – everything is customizable to include the insulation type and values.
  • Exterior Finishes – finish roof, siding, windows, doors, internal or external roof drains are all customizable.
  • Interior Finishes – flooring, cabinets, countertops, fixtures, appliances, doors are all customizable.

The ASUL system allows the level of customization required by the consumer while maintaining an affordable process with a predictable outcome.