Contracting Licensure

ASUL is a licensed contracting firm in both Arizona and California. For projects in other states, we have a variety of legal ways to complete a project.


Pre-Construction Services

As the contractor on the project, ASUL’s role begins at pre-design to discuss the budget and program with the architect and prospective clients. If the project progresses to design, then ASUL collaborates with the architect (ASUL or other) to ensure the design and specifications remain consistent with the budget. ASUL will update the budget at milestones in the design process.


Contracting Services

ASUL is responsible for the construction of the project from start (moving of dirt) to finish (certificate of occupancy). ASUL builds off the REVIT model developed by the architect to create shop drawings throughout the construction process. 


Construction Services

ASUL self-performs the construction of the structure and shell of the project. With welders on the job-site, ASUL will, oftentimes, build stairs, railings, scuppers, and other finishes that make sense for both the client and ASUL. ASUL also routinely applies the exterior finish material of the home in a rain screen application consisting of vaproshield, hat channels, and finish material with concealed or exposed fasteners. 


Management Services

Sub-contractors are hired to perform any work ASUL does not self-perform. As with any contractor, ASUL schedules, coordinates, and manages the work of the sub-contractors. 


Administrative Services

ASUL performs the required back-office work as required by the state and/or the lender.