ASUL -Adaptable System for Universal Living

We are a design/build company licensed in California and Arizona. We began operations in 2008 with the intent of becoming a modern, pre-fab company. After building our first prototype, we realized the pre-fabrication process was anathema to the customization desires of the market. That being said, clients still wanted an alternative process where customization and predictability could be more balanced. 

Throughout the years, we have created a unique structural assembly consisting of a steel moment-frame, which allows for large spans, floor to ceiling glass, more unique structures, and removes the need for shear or bearing walls.

Instead of the typical bolted connections, they are field-welded. While we believe this is a more elegant connection if exposed, the primary benefit is eliminating the steel fabricator from the process. This, along with self-performing the erection of the shell (steel moment-frame, wood floor/roof assemblies, and metal stud walls with sheathing), ensures quality while controlling costs.

The result is that the ASUL shell is typically 25-50% less than the traditional fabricated assembly.

While we do some slab-on-grade projects, most are above grade where clients prefer to maintain the natural topography of the property by using a pier foundation instead of the more typical process of excavation and retention to create a flat pad. For many projects, these costs can be prohibitive and offer no inherent value to the home.

All of our projects are custom with the steel structure engineered to the design, regardless of size or shape. Although we are a licensed architectural firm, we do collaborate and work with third-party firms acting as the general or sub-contractor; however, we would need to engineer the project to maintain consistency with our details. 

Three pages are located within this section that further explain our concept and process. After reviewing this information, feel free to contact us if interested in learning more. Construction costs for a typical home (excluding the site development costs as these are too variable to predict) start at $300 per-foot excluding design-fees.

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