Architectural Services

ASUL is a licensed architectural firm in both Arizona and California with reciprocity abilities for the rest of the country. As the architect, ASUL is responsible for taking the project from inception to the obtainment of the building permit and any other permits required for the issuance of the building permit. 

ASUL follows an iterative process typical in architecture and uses REVIT as the design platform.


Budgeting Services

As a design/build company, ASUL is ultimately responsible for building the project via our separate construction company. As such, we emphasize the need for realistic budgets before we start the design process as the budget informs the design. At critical points throughout the design process, ASUL’s construction team will reevaluate and update the budget as more information becomes available. Our goal is to have a deviation of no more than 5.0% of initial (pre-design) budget to construction (post-permit) budget.


Consultant Oversight

In addition to the architectural drawings, several other drawings and/or consultants are needed to either inform the design or obtain a building permit. This can include the following:

  • Survey
  • Geotechnical Report
  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • MEP Engineering
  • Environmental Reports
  • Septic Design
  • Fire Suppression Design

Although our clients sign contracts directly with these consultants, ASUL will coordinate, review, and incorporate their work into the permit set.