Borrego Springs, CA

Project: Borrego Springs

Nestled at the base of the Anza Borrego State Park and surrounding mountains west of the Salton Sea, Borrego Springs has a rugged and remote feel complicated by extreme heat and high winds. The home is a linear bar of steel and glass, with multiple layers of shading integrated into the structure. Elevated out of the desert flood plain, it cuts a clean horizontal datum, allowing subtle shifts in the topography below to be maintained. All living spaces, as well as a two-car garage are contained within the steel structure. Floor to ceiling glass provides views to the east, while four large decks with pairs of operable doors allow access to the natural landscape at the west.

The north end of the house brings together living, dining, cooking and sleeping areas. A garage and studio separate these areas from a guest suite. Cantilevered volumes extend living areas outside of the foundation at the bathrooms and garage. A double roof allows a corrugated metal to shed the sun and rain, while an insulated and sealed second roof receives shade. Large vertical panels attached to the exterior provide solar protection for the copious glazing. The home is visually anchored by poured in place concrete walls at each end; these walls are non-structural to the home but provide an interior, elevated platform to support the condensers for the mechanical units.